"Super Lucha Cats" is an all-ages comic book, created by Javier Solórzano, about a family of lucha libre cats who defend their neighborhood in Bell Gardens from monsters, cryptids and all manner of sinister forces in the night.

  Real life Coco Super Lucha Cats Real life Coco and Pizza Super Lucha Cats Real life Pizza Super Lucha Cats

Based on the real life cats of creator, Javier Solórzano, "Super Lucha Cats" tells the story of Coco, Pizza, Nopal and Fresa as they set out to defend their neighborhood, learn lucha libre from their Mamá, eat delicious tacos, and learn to work as a team, all while remaining hidden.

Issue #1 was released in Spring of 2020, putting the cats and their adventures front and center with comic book fans, lucha libre fans and cat lovers everywhere.

"If you like wrestling: check it out. if you like cats: check it out."

- Sara Iyer.
Host, The Purrrcast

"Read it and enjoyed the hell out of it. Such a fun read."

- Pete Mellini.
Owner, Nostalgic Comics Shop

"Cats doing wrestling is already perfect."

- Steven Ray Morris.
Host, The Purrrcast